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Eyemimo False Eyelashes - 6 pairs
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  SKU#: 11921
Your maid of honor and bridesmaids have been working hard in helping you planning the most unforgettable Wedding day of your dream. From creating guest list to picking up the wedding gown, wedding shoes, and every little detail.

Now you have come down to yourself and perhaps your bridesmaids, your mother, your future mother in law and/or the other wedding party deciding who or what will make you and the rest of your female wedding party to look more beautiful. Perhaps, you are going to hire a makeup artist or do it yourself. Either way, your absolute goal is to look as naturally pretty as possible. The classic quote "BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER" which was supposed to simply mean beauty is subjective.

But when we talk about makeup, that quote also can be applied very well. It is the makeup on the eye that will count more than fifty percent of the overall look. Thus, you want to make the eye makeup a number one priority. The correct color blending of eyeshadow and lining the eye rim with eyeliner will make any girl look brighter. Mascara is a must. However, for your happy day that sometimes could have a little tear moment of happiness, mascara unfortunately may not always work.

But not to worry, there is almost solution for every problem and this particular problem definitely has a proven solution. If you want to play safe not ruining your makeup, instead of applying mascara, wear EYEMIMO false eyelashes. Each EYEMIMO eyelash set is assembled by hand in Indonesia from only the finest materials. EYEMIMO false eyelashes are trimmable to size, simple to apply and remove, and fully reusable.

Create your own set, by choosing the pairs of eyelashes style you want for each set. Suggestions: NTR01 and NTR31 are suitable for small eyes, NTR21 and NTR06 are suitable for medium to large eyes, NTR04 is suitable for large eyes.

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