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Bridesmaid Gifts Ideas

Finding gifts for bridesmaids is not easy, especially with a lot of things going on in your mind at this time. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Trinket/Jewelry box- It’s cute, fun and functional. Jewelry boxes come in different shapes and colors. A place to keep precious jewelry, it symbolizes how precious your relationships are with them.

  2. Cards Case - A card case is not a wallet. This case can be used to keep credit cards, business cards, and ID cards. If most of your bridesmaids are working professionals, they would love this gift. It can be carried around in their purse everyday and they’ll remember you every time they see it.

  3. Compact mirror - Classic gifts for women all ages. Give it to your bridesmaids on your wedding day. Every time they use it they’ll remember you and your wedding day

  4. Spa gift basket - After a long day looking pretty and standing on those stiletto shoes, they deserve to be pampered. The Spa gift basket would do.

  5. Luggage Tag - For Those who travels alot. Let your gift comes along with her. Let the memory of your wedding brings a smile on her face. Especially when it's a long and tiring trip.

  6. Manicure/Pedicure Kit - Grooming kit in a cute little bag they can use.

  7. Make up bag - Fill the make up bag with a picture of you and her, a lipstick to match with their gown, and a personal note for each of your bridesmaids.

  8. Leather photo Album - Make it meaningful by filling out the album with some fun pictures of the two of you together.

  9. Jewelry - Something new... something precious... Jewelry is a woman's best friend. It can be worn on your wedding day to complement their gown.